Dr. Monica Linden is descendant from a long chain of educators. Her grandmother was a first grade teacher and went on to be a junior high principal in South Florida. Monica's grandfather, father, aunt, and cousin all also worked as teachers from elementary to adult education. With so many educators in her family, it is no surprise that Monica enjoys teaching exciting facts about the nervous system to her students and helping them to think like scientists. She also enjoys studying the best ways to help them learn. As a faculty member in the Neuroscience department at Brown University, Monica strives to create the best possible learning environment for her students and wants to serve the Franklin Schools so that each Franklin student has the best possible environment for their own learning.

Monica teachers a variety of courses at many levels, from small senior seminars to large lecture survey courses with over 100 students. Her courses include the Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, where students learn not just how the brain learns, but what they can do as students to best support their own learning.  

Originally from South Florida, Monica moved to Massachusetts almost 20 years ago to attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. After obtaining undergraduate degrees in Mathematics with Computer Science and Brain and Cognitive Sciences, Monica remained at MIT to earn her PhD in Neuroscience. Monica has served the US Government as an intern for the Department of Defense and as an ambassador to Britain for a similar internship program. She has also served as a government consultant working with groups within both the Defense and Intelligence agencies. However, Monica's passion is for teaching, and over the last decade and a half she has taught at both MIT and Brown University, where she is currently a Sr. Lecturer in the Division of Biology and Medicine.

As an instructor, Monica is interested in learning about new ideas to try. She is constantly working to improve pedagogy in her classroom. She uses technologies including iClickers, online assignments, eBooks, and computer-based assessments to enhance student learning. She has also designed her own online applications to support students. She encourages a reflective approach to learning. Furthermore, Monica performs research in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning to formally assess her learning methods.

Monica is also a member of Brown's Contemplative Studies Initiative. She is interested in a contemplative approach to teaching as well as contemplative pedagogy for the classroom. She is also a champion of diversity and inclusion in the classroom and shares her methods for creating inclusive classrooms with faculty members throughout Brown University.

Monica enjoys bringing her love of the brain to the community and has performed outreach in schools in both Franklin and the neighboring town of Medway. She is also an Early Career Policy Ambassador for her professional society, the Society for Neuroscience, and she has visited Washington, DC to lobby members of Congress to support science and science education.

Monica lives in Franklin with her husband, her two children, two cats and a dog. She also enjoys crocheting and won a Blue Ribbon last year at the Big E for her work!